How to get a book published is a question every author asks themselves.

How difficult can it be to get a book published by a commercial book publisher? Well the odds will be better gaming in Vegas. It has been estimated that twenty-five million people in the United States consider themselves authors and only five per cent have been published anywhere. At any one time 5 to 6 million manuscripts are looking for a publishing residence.

Most key book posting houses, and a lot of small pushes, will not acknowledge submissions that aren’t symbolized by a literary agent. During the research of The Publishing Guide: A Plan for an Author’s Achievement, we asked literary providers how many unsolicited issue letters/proposals/sample chapters, they receive. For the conventional agency it really is close to 5000 per year. Around the average these types of agents acknowledged only 10 new clients, that’s about 1out of every five-hundred submissions.

Obviously music post to several agency in the hopes of obtaining representation that makes the odds just a little better, but not much.

It is estimated that five significant book creation companies, Random House Incorporation., Penguin USA, Simon & Schuster, Period Warner and HarperCollins, take into account nearly 80 percent of all book product sales in the US. It has occurred for the same reasons any other industry goes through consolidation: by simply combining specific administrative or staff features, costs can be reduced and profits increased. Publishing, in accordance with many other industries, has not relished a high Revenue (ROI) to get investors. Today, book web publishers are much narrower on having every single book they publish be money-making. This means a much more risk averse philosophy, which has a preference intended for publishing creators with successful track records–a sound business strategy.

How to get a book published with a commercial book publisher actually an easy task, but with perseverance and a good book you can do this.